Vocals from then to now: The Advent of the voice recorder online technology

Vocals are an integral part of music and most people consider them the most important part of musical compositions.  Access to them has changed significantly over the ages, as it went from only being able to experience them at concert halls to being able to record them.  This last technological advance has dramatically changed vocals, especially over the last hundred years.  Today, it has advanced to the point that anyone can record any vocal communication with just a microphone and share it with the world on the many voice recorder online sites available.

At first, music and vocals had to be experienced at live concerts.  Thomas Edison gave us the phonograph in the late 1800’s, which enabled sound to be recorded and listened to later.  Studios were built where musicians gathered to record on a single microphone; revolutionary yet difficult to balance the different volumes between the voice and other instruments. The cost of recordings were also expensive therefore limited who made them.  In the 1920’s, Alan Lomax made his field recordings of blues singers from the South.  These were rough, poor yet extremely talented singers who would never have gotten recorded without this advance.  Technology continued to advance into the 60’s with multi-track recorders, which impacted both studio and live recordings.  This enabled for higher fidelity recorders, creating such advances as layered vocal tracks in the studio and the recording of louder live concerts.  This was refined further in the 80’s with the advent of digital recording.  Recording equipment became incredibly high fidelity, much smaller, and drastically dropped in price.  In recent years, they developed the ability to record unlimited number of tracks with no restrictions on space with computers.  Today, we have arrived at the advances seen with the voice recorder online sites which only require a microphone, computer, and internet access.

With the voice recorder online technology, anyone can record anything involving the voice.  Prior to the voice recorder online technology, an engineer was required who understood large mixing consoles and other equipment used in a studio.  The voice recorder online is simple for anyone to use; plug a usb microphone into the computer, access one of the many voice recorder online sites, push record, sing or talk the desired content, push stop, then save the result to your computer to share later or instantaneously online on Facebook and Twitter.  Most sites can also save the result in a format compatible with mobile phones, enabling it to be taken anywhere.  All of the voice recorder online sites have the basic ability to record and save a vocal performance but some have more complex features than others.  For example, some require you to sign up for a membership to use any feature but this also give you access to a community of musicians to discuss techniques and tricks used to make recordings.  Other sites have everything from simple mixing and editing features to having almost all the features of a full-fledged recorder.  Other features people might want are online cloud storage of recorded files or access to everyone’s recorded files to use for any purpose.  Yet the most important aspect of the voice recorder online revolution is that no matter how complex a voice recorder online site is, they are all simple, straight forward, and easy to use.  This is very important because for a very long time not only was the equipment complex and hard to use but was very expensive to own as well as operate.  These voice recorder online sites have simplified the process of recording to the point that anyone can use them, opening the door to unheard performances and even newer advances.

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